Travels of the TERRIBLE TOWEL!

The Best of the Terrible Towel Pictures

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Steeler fans and Towel twirlers,
Bret Michaels and his daughter
at Steelers/Ravens playoff game
- Thanks to Kent U. for this one!

Retired Chief Warrant Officer
Dan Bartlett working as a contractor in
Afghanistan with Afghan Special Forces
with his "personalized" terrible towel

Stacie, Chris, and their Towel
at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
while on their honeymoon

Russ Jr. on the boardwalk
in Wildwood, New Jersey with his
new buddy, the Hot Dog Statue!

Mary Ann and Ainsley Earhardt,
Fox-N-Friends Co-Host,
outside Fox Studios in New York

Rickshaw Driver
on the streets of Japan
"Our newest Steeler fan"!

Great pic sent by James
Aborigines performers in Australia
Man, those are some funky shorts!

Super!    The 4th Fighter Wing with
2 Terrible Towels over Afganistan

Dave with his Terrible Towel and
the Hollywood sign in background

Even Jesus With The Towel

Kurt at Miami U. of Ohio
in front of Ben's college picture

The Terrible Towel out in space with
astronaut Mike Fincke from Pittsburgh

Tom and his Towel
at the top of Mt. Titlis
in Switzerland

Pat and his Towel at the UN
headquarters in the Golan Heights
between Israel and Syria

Even Smokey Joes Bar
on the beach in Aruba
has a Terrible Towel!

Patrick and the Towel in Loch Ness
- no sighting of Nessie! -

Joe in Kuta Bali, Indonesia
Party Town!

Russ at Boston College
with the Doug Flutie "Hail Mary"
statue in front of the stadium

Dale and Patty with their Towel
at the Great Smoky Mountain
National Park Sign

Amy on a water taxi
traveling thru Venice with
her Terrible Towel

Wesley in Inuvik, Northwest Territories
Canada at the Dept. of National Defence
Canadian Forces Fighter Sign

LeRoy and freinds
On top of Mt. St. Helens
Washington - August 25, 2010

Russ Jr. the Steeler Intern
at field level at Heinz Field

Rebecca and Tina
Hiking the Inca Trail to the
lost city of Machu Picchu, Peru

Russ with Yale's mascot
Handsome Dan II, Yale's
mascot from 1933 thru 1937

Taken at Disney
with the army man statue
from Toy Story

Another Disney picture
taken with Mickey Mouse himself!
Thanks JoAnna!

Todd at Machu Picchu in Peru

Gary, Donna, and Lauren
Family beach portrait in Destin, Florida

Pat with his Terrible Towel
at Hurricane Point
in Ramadi, Iraq

Patty on Mt. LeConte in Tennessee
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Tallest mountain in the Eastern US

Russ on the campus of Duke
Yes, there are two "coneheads"
running around in the background!

Tom at the De Burgh in the
Red Light District of Amsterdam

Russ on the pier in
Huntington Beach, California

Brad under the clock at
the Torrey Pines Golf Course

Russ Jr. in front of
the San Diego Zoo sign

James and Terrible Towel
in front of the Sydney Opera House
in Sydney, Australia

Ricky in Nashville
LP (Titans) Stadium in background

Russ outside Princeton University's
football stadium with a metal tiger
statue and a Terrible Towel!

Joe in Phuket, Thailand at low tide
with real gold on forehead from
Buddist Temple, Wat Chalong

Jim and wife in Key West Florida
at the southern most point in the US

M. Sgt, USAF Raheem Moore
in front of an Air Force C-5
aircraft in Kuwait


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